Wednesday, November 15, 2006

A Voice from Mesopotamia

We have shared this Mesopotamian’s blog more than once and we are touched by his heartfelt lament following our elections. There are so many fine upstanding citizens in Iraq. It is always a relief to see a posting from him. Too lengthy a silence made one anxious.

Sunday, November 12, 2006


We can’t in all honesty blame the American public for being frustrated at the failure of their government to resolve our Iraqi issue. If that is the case, you can imagine how we, the Iraqi people, are feeling; we who are burning in the fires of the crisis and are being crucified daily in the most horrific way.Yet, it is no use blaming those whose most urgent wish is to see the right outcome of this situation. We can’t blame the American people, whose indignation is righteous and is caused by their impatience at not seeing positive progress towards stability, democracy, reconstruction, respite from the daily horrors that go on in Baghdad and elsewhere in the country, and generally progress towards the goals that we all wish for. This is righteous indignation, noble sentiments for which we as Iraqis should be appreciative and even grateful. Indeed, after all these sacrifices, there should be some more positive results to show for them. Yes indeed, when a great power with powerful allies, engaged in an enterprise that is basically very noble and enjoys the support of the majority of the people, stakes its reputation and prestige, not to mention the blood of its sons and daughters and the treasure of its land; it is not permissible to arrive at such a state of affairs as we have now. The consequences of failure are unthinkable not only for us, the Iraqis, but also for all free people in the world, with the American people foremost, whether they belong to this party or that.

Never mind the chorus of America haters, and all the discordant din of international hypocrisy. This fight against terrorism is more just than the struggle against fascism and Nazism was. There can be no neutrals in this battle. The terrorists are worse than the fascists, these killers specializing in murdering and torturing the innocent are by far more heinous than any other kind of vermin. No decent human being can find any excuses for these zombies. Worse still, anybody who heaps invective against those confronting this inhuman evil, is almost as guilty as the beast himself.

America was not always right, but this time by God, its fight is as just as the sun is bright in an Iraqi summer day. Anybody who cannot see this is as blind in heart as in sight.

The only thing that America is guilty of is that of underestimating the viciousness of the enemy, and not so much his military capability; because the enemy’s weapon is not so much military prowess, but evil and viciousness. He specializes in hitting below the belt. He has no rules and no scruples, and will stop at nothing. He is absolutely devoid of any kind of human feeling. To think that you can reason with him or somehow accommodate his wishes and desires is absolute folly and suicide. This was clearly illustrated lately in Iraq when all kinds of overtures and approaches were made in forlorn hopes of appeasing him. This only resulted in boosting his morale and appetite for murder and violence.

America seems to have become confused and loosing sight of the fundamentals of the issue and even who the real enemy is. Of course this was aided by a massive propaganda assault aimed directly at the American public from abroad and from within. Yet this is absolutely not a partisan issue.

It is tragic that this matter is used for partisan purposes and for electoral considerations. When the ship of state starts sinking, it will take down everybody with it. You ask us Iraqis about this. And this is war, my friends. You can’t have half wars. In war you just have to go all the way. You either win or lose, and if you lose you are lost. In no other situation is this more true than this our war.

Democrat or Republican, America has no option but to find a way to win this war. All real Americans must be as sure of that as all real Iraqis.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Resource Materials

In June 1958, Rev. Bassam Madany was appointed as Arabic Broadcast Minister of The Back to God hour. He pioneered Arabic radio missions and developed a Bible-based ministry, (1958-1994) which emphasized the centrality of the Word of God in missions to Muslims.

He has authored several books in Arabic for his follow up ministry. They can be accessed on an Arabic-language web site: Mrs. Shirley Madany was involved in several aspects of his ministry and directed the follow-up department of Saatu’l Islah, the Arabic name of the radio mission. For more information about their retirement ministry see

Rev. Madany authored “The Bible and Islam: A Basic Guide to Sharing God’s Word with a Muslim.” It has gone through many printings in the USA, two printings in Nairobi, Kenya, and two printings in the Russian language in Moscow, Russia. In 2005 Shirley W. Madany published “Muslims Meeting Christ”, a book of testimonies from listeners whose lives were impacted by the Arabic radio and literature ministry. Then in 2006, Bassam and Shirley Madany published “An Introduction to Islam” consisting of 33 articles, book reviews, and commentaries on Islam. Rev. Madany is a frequent lecturer on the Christian response to the challenge of Islam.

A free CD is available containing the following items: 12 Arabic language books that Rev. Madany produced during his 36 year radio ministry, 100 audio sermons, the entire Arabic Bible in PDF, Arabic hymns and video clips.

An Introduction to Islam ($12.50). Muslims Meeting Christ ($10.00), The Bible and Islam ($7.50) Checks should be made payable to Bassam M. Madany.