Thursday, June 30, 2005


June 30, 2005

This morning's e mail brought a request to put on our links. At first sight you will find this to be in the Dutch language, but with a choice for English. Following is from their main page:

Cornerstone Ministries:Prayer for North Africa.
The early christian church blossomed in North Africa, for example in Carthage. Important church fathers were North Africans like Augustine, Tertullian and Cyprian. 99% of the church has disappeared. Cornerstone Ministries will minister to the left over.
"But this is a people plundered and looted, All of them trapped in pits or hidden away in prisons. They have become plunder, with no-one to rescue them; They have been made loot, with no-one to say, 'Give them back'." Isaiah 42: 22
The following promise applies also to us, North Africans:
"You will rebuild the ancient ruins, raise foundations from ages past, and be called 'Repairer of broken walls, Restorer of streets to live in'." Isaiah 58: 12:

This website was created to advertise an upcoming conference of reconciliation (between Arabs and Jews) to be held at the end of the year in The Netherlands!

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

A Thought for Today

It is taking us a while to get organized with this new tool but here is something we want to share which is appropriate for a night on which we have listened to our President talk about our contributions in Iraq. Certain media are continually hinting that all our efforts have ended in failure.

We heartily recommend that you discover some Baghdadi blogs to read which would give you a balance by incorporating the viewpoint of Iraqi citizens, right at this point in time.

Following is a direct quote of a brief blog from:>

Saturday, June 18, 2005
Dear Friends,Just a quick note, to the American public: this is no time to lose heart, the fight is just now changing gear. We the Iraqis are confident of winning this battle. This so-called “insurrection” may be characterized as the “Unpopular Revolt” rather than the opposite. It is doomed to failure. We have never pretended that this can be achieved overnight. It takes time and struggle, but to those who think that the insurgency is growing I would like to say this: It is the power of the people that is growing, it is the strength and effectiveness of the new patriotic security forces that is growing, such forces that are for the first time in our history representative of the majority of the people. Time is on the side of the people and not their enemies.

If you care to read "The Price of Freedom" on our website, under "New" you would find this same person's description of election day in Baghdad at the end of the article.
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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Review of "Islam: Empire of Faith"

In his Foreword to Bat Ye'or's book, The Decline of Eastern Christianity Under Islam: from Jihad to Dhimmitude, Jacques Ellul, the late Protestant scholar, was concerned about what he called the "Dhimmitude of the West." He was referring to those Western writers and intellectuals who would adopt self-censorship when dealing with Islam. Such behavior is similar to that of the Jews and Christians who came under Islam. The conquering Arab Muslims called them, "Dhimmis." This status conferred upon them the freedom to practice their religion on the condition that they refrain from any criticism of Islam. Furthermore, they were not to propagate their faith. Once a Dhimmi embraced Islam, he or she, could no longer go back to his former faith. Apostasy was punishable by death.
I could not help thinking of his words when viewing a Public Television production, Islam: Empire of Faith. In Chicago, it was aired on May 8, 2001, from 8-10:30 p.m. The majority of the speakers and commentators are Western, and are associated with such institutions as the University of Saint Louis, Columbia University, Boston College, and Edinburgh University. At several intermissions during the two and half hour show, we heard the usual refrain that the documentary was being made available "through viewers like you."
At this point, someone may question whether I am eligible to undertake a review of "Islam: Empire of Faith." After all, I am an Eastern Christian. How could I be free from the prejudices that my people have harbored regarding Islam, ever since the conquest of their homeland in the early seventh century? I admit that I am not entirely free from some bias. But it is an attitude that has a legitimate and reasonable foundation. Furthermore, I do have the credentials to make an assessment of this documentary. I have lived a good deal of my life in the Middle East. I experienced some of the great upheavals that took place in that area in the aftermath of World War II. Even after moving to North America, I have kept up my studies of the history of the Arabs and of Islam, both in Arabic and in English. My credentials are just as valid as those of the speakers who voiced their comments on "Islam: Empire of Faith."

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