Monday, July 03, 2006

Freedom in Christ

How Great Is Freedom!

On 18 June 2006, the online Arabic daily newspaper, Elaph, published an article under the title “Is Islam a Tolerant Religion?” It brought immediately a total of 97 responses from readers all over the world. Some were appreciative of the article for its frankness, while others were extremely critical.

One of the responses was unique, and attracted my attention. Writing on 20 June, the author, calling himself, “A Convert to the Light of Christianity,” started his testimony in this way:

“How Great Is Freedom!”

“For several years, I was lost in a religion, not knowing truth from errors. I saw unlawful [illegal, sins] being committed in its name. Innocent people were being killed in its name, and young girls were also being raped in its name.

Finally, God brought me to the light of Christianity. I realize that now, Muslims would declare that my life is no longer secure, [as a murtad, i.e. apostate, my blood should be shed]. My situation has become similar to all those who have discovered the way of truth, and left the way of Islamic error! It doesn’t matter: if I am killed, I would die as a clean Christian, and not as a criminal Muslim.

I was no longer able to put up with all the horrible crimes committed by Muslims against all “Others.” With me, there are now more than 3,500 Muslims who have found the light of Christianity and have been saved, for ever, from the nightmare of Islam.

O Lord, guide everyone to the way of Truth, to the Light of the great and noble Christianity.”

A convert to the light of Christianity.

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Anonymous said...

Could you give me your opinion on the current Israeli military operation and how this affects the christians in that area. Thanks