Saturday, January 07, 2006

Available Resources

When we started “Middle East Resources” as a retirement ministry in 1994, we considered the contents of our website to be our major contribution and “resource”. The Bible and Islam by Rev. Bassam M. Madany is available on that website and print copies are still in demand after more than 20 years and numerous reprintings. ($7.50) It is excellent as a study guide for church groups.

We have two new items we would like to promote:

Muslims Meeting Christ, by Shirley W. Madany. Published in July 2005 ($10.00)
It is a joyful book based on some of the responses to our daily Arabic broadcast, Saatu'l Islah. Comments from an elderly Christian scholar and friend were an encouragement: "I read your book with tears in my eyes. Thank you for writing it." You will thrill to the testimonies of young and old, from Morocco to Iraq, as they tell of their love for Jesus.


A CD produced by Arabic Bible Outreach Ministry, contains 12 of Rev. Madany's Arabic books published during his radio ministry. The CD also contains a quantity of actual Saatu’l Islah broadcasts (audio), the entire Arabic Bible in PDF, a section of Arabic Hymns and Video Clips of relevant Christian topics. Our colleague at said this about the marketing: “This CD is an appreciation of your labor of love - do with it as you see fit. It is for wide distribution and it is free of charge. The Lord will take care of our finances - the goal is to press on and get these materials into the hands of Arabic-speaking people.”

We can hardly believe this continuation of our radio ministry and its potential! We are delighted to see the beautiful format of the books which have been keyed in, rather than being scanned. The technicians have done a marvelous job. The broadcasts are as clear as if they were recorded yesterday.

All praise be to God for the vision and tremendous amount of work which went into this attractive production.

Please write to if you want to order any of these three items.

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