Tuesday, June 28, 2005

A Thought for Today

It is taking us a while to get organized with this new tool but here is something we want to share which is appropriate for a night on which we have listened to our President talk about our contributions in Iraq. Certain media are continually hinting that all our efforts have ended in failure.

We heartily recommend that you discover some Baghdadi blogs to read which would give you a balance by incorporating the viewpoint of Iraqi citizens, right at this point in time.

Following is a direct quote of a brief blog from: www.messopotamian.blogspot.com>

Saturday, June 18, 2005
Dear Friends,Just a quick note, to the American public: this is no time to lose heart, the fight is just now changing gear. We the Iraqis are confident of winning this battle. This so-called “insurrection” may be characterized as the “Unpopular Revolt” rather than the opposite. It is doomed to failure. We have never pretended that this can be achieved overnight. It takes time and struggle, but to those who think that the insurgency is growing I would like to say this: It is the power of the people that is growing, it is the strength and effectiveness of the new patriotic security forces that is growing, such forces that are for the first time in our history representative of the majority of the people. Time is on the side of the people and not their enemies.

If you care to read "The Price of Freedom" on our website www.levant.info, under "New" you would find this same person's description of election day in Baghdad at the end of the article.
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